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Dracula Behind the Poster

Dracula Poster

Even though the production didn't have its Première until September 2005, some departments at Northern Ballet Theatre have been thinking about Dracula for a lot longer! For the marketing team the process of thinking about Dracula began around Christmas, and in order to create the brand new poster a Photocall was held in April. This production's poster features Christopher Hinton-Lewis as Count Dracula and Victoria Sibson as his ‘victim‘. The first step was for Freelance Wigs & Makeup Supervisor Gavin Render to work on the dancers, before the Northern Ballet Theatre wardrobe team, led by Head of Wardrobe Kim Brassley, helped get the dancers into costume.

Once they were ready the dancers made their way to the makeshift studio. Here under the supervision of David Nixon, Amy Dutton and the Marketing and Media & PR teams several hundred photos were taken over 3 hours by Freelance photographer Steve Hanson. The following day it was up to the full team to sift through the images to find the best one, before it was sent off to the designers to create the final poster!

View some of the images from the shoot and shots from the production.

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