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Christopher Hinton-Lewis & Victoria Sibson

A full-blooded, seductive show

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Dracula & his brides [Photo: Brian Slater]

I am Dracula…

I bid you welcome.

Imagine a world where you can only go out after dark, where you feel a constant hunger for human blood but where for all eternity you will appear young and beautiful. Welcome to the world of Dracula.

A creature who should inspire repulsion in every living thing but who has seduced countless generations, Dracula is possessed of a mesmerising sexuality which fascinates us all.

I am the monster that breathing men want to kill…

…I am Dracula.

Choreographed by David Nixon, this ballet reveals the tormented world of the immortal Count. Images and moments from Bram Stoker's legendary novel are brought alive in sensuous and sinister dance and theatre uncovering our most basic desires and fears.

David Nixon's Dracula had its European Première at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds on Friday 2 – Saturday 10 September, 2005.

Featuring music by: Schnittke, Rachmaninov, Part, Daugherty

Audience Feedback

Click here to see what the audience has said about our production of Dracula.

Interview With The Vampires

[Left to right] Tobias Batley, Kenneth Tindall and Christopher Hinton-Lewis discuss their approach to the lead role in Dracula.

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