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Ali Allen

Ali Allen Set Designer

Ali Allen was born and grew up in Somerset. She trained in Fine Art at Newcastle University and went on to work as a scenic artist at Leeds Playhouse. Since leaving there in 1984, she moved into set design working for touring companies such as Red Ladder, Pilot Theatre Company and with Major Road and Glyndebourne Opera on large scale outdoor projects with adults and children.

Ali has also worked in music theatre, opera, carnival and pantomime, mainly in partnership with designer and chum Marise Rose. Their exploits have taken them to Trinidad (design and build of the winning carnival float for Peter Minshall in 1997), Brooklyn (Labour Day parade), Amsterdam (Music Theatre Amsterdam), Berlin (Berlin Kammer Oper) and Wakefield (Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and Babes in the Wood).

Work for festivals includes Millennium – a 10 meter high Madonna for Big Time's New Year celebrations 1999, The Greenwich Giant – a 5 metre hydraulic man and an articulated Pegasus for Thames Festival. In July 2001 Ali took part in a major touring exhibition with the Mekons, a legendary group of musicians and artists from the north of England, contributing a large sculptural piece to the show.

Most recent designs include Rumblefish and award winning Lord of the Flies for Pilot Theatre Company and staged versions of Brassed Off and Kes at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield.

Wuthering Heights is Ali's second design for Northern Ballet Theatre following Madame Butterfly.

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Supported by: Arts Council England Supported by: Leeds City Council Supported by: West Yorkshire Grants

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